ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 general office chair test machine recommended
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ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 general office chair test machine recommended

In February of this year, American Furniture Association updated office chair test standard, standard covers safety and performance requirements of the office chair, by BIFMA in May 1974 for the first time since its release, has been revised several times, this version of ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 as the standard of the newest version, this version of the standard provisions of the specific the test, laboratory test equipment, test environment and office chair safety, durability, full structure of the minimum recommended level.
Because the modern people's living standard is getting better, no diet, exercise less, cause weight generally increased, in order to meet more people, the standard in the test loading block weight increased, the specific changes are: from 250 pounds to 270 pounds loaded eighth quarter rotation test - Section ninth, inclined seat; test - cyclic load from 225 seats to 240 pounds; the tenth section, from 165 to 200 pounds of load - seat durability test, drop height from 1.2 "to 1.4", and a decline in test during the period specified in section fourteenth, the direction of the caster; the backrest seat durability load from 225 pounds up to 240 pounds; sixteenth, caster / seat durability test - seat load cycle from 250 to 270 pounds; the twenty-third section, the handrail board static load test loop is applied to the surface of the tablet computer arm negative Carrying 77 pounds from the center to the surface becomes 55 pounds from the edge 1 inches.
Corresponding to the above changes, we especially recommend the office chair rotation test table, office chair, office chair tilt testing machine durability test machine, office chair backrest fatigue strength tester, wear tester, office chair casters office chair Ipomoea compression testing machine, office chairs, office chairs and durability testing platform for static load test the stability of machine, office chair structure testing machine, the machine after commissioning, has sold many batches, praised by customers, which greatly promoted the development and renewal of office chair testing industry, research and development of a new office chair also has a certain role!

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