Recommended ASTMD1056-2014 foam compression stress tester
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Recommended ASTMD1056-2014 foam compression stress tester

In our sofa, mattresses and other furniture are useful to foam, spring filler, the filler directly affects the quality and performance of sofa, mattress and the overall quality and performance, so the material in the need for detailed comparison. At present, the corresponding products of the standard foam bubble there are many, such as BS EN ISO844-2014, ISO2439-2008, ISO3385-2014, ISO7214-2012, ASTM D1056-2014, ASTM D1621-10, JIS K6401-2011 and so on, we will be late for each standard introduce.
Today, our main purpose is to recommend a ASTMD1056-2014 compliant foam compression stress testing machine, the test machine can meet the requirements of the standard, determination of provisions need concave degree force under specified conditions, we test the specimen is placed in the upper and lower two disc pressure, then giving the prescribed speed on the pressure plate downwards compressed sample, on the upper end of the load cell plate that feel the pressure, and the pressure is converted into a voltage signal transmission to the computer analysis, while the pressure value is displayed on the computer screen.
The foam compression testing machine can customize the unit and language, and the program has a variety of units and language, which can be selected by itself. In addition, the test machine is equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as emergency stop key, program power and elongation settings, test pieces, sensors, upper and lower security settings, etc., so that you feel comfortable to do the test, the results at ease! The test machine adopts two kinds of automatic test and manual test. At the same time, there are several standard test methods, which can be chosen according to the need. It is very convenient!

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