Armstrong Fooring Residual indentation instrument( EN 433 )
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Armstrong Fooring Residual indentation instrument( EN 433 )

Armstrong Fooring residual indentation instrument is a professional flooring laboratory equipment manufacturers BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. exclusive R & D design and supply, which equipment is EN 433, ISO 24343-1, ASTM F1914 standards and the company's corporate standards Comprehensive requirements for R & D design, so this a comprehensive performance floor Residual indentation instruments to meet a variety of standard specifications and technical performance requirements.
The product has a multi-purpose features, it will be the traditional multi-device features integrated into a fully automated equipment, greatly enhance the efficiency of the test, saving the user's procurement costs and laboratory space, which is Instrument  for the world's leading flooring manufacturer Armstrong developed the test equipment, it is intelligent, efficient, scientific and strong quality performance support and services in the Armstrong flooring industry!

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